Castles and Colonials

Another choice piece to share. The first of many new building sin the new way.


I thought I'd detail this here for those interested in future work. You may notice on the newly released dragon, its name is "dragon002rot1". This is because I'll be doing a total of 9 different perspectives (18 drawings total, not including any coloration changes) of each piece moving forward. Obviously, some liberties are being taken with these so they look their best possible from every angle.

I'll be releasing choice pieces from those sets leading up to the "rot" release. ;p Note, older pieces likely will not get this treatment.

See you in the future!
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I needed/wanted a dragon asset and well, what castle is complete without a dragon?! So, here's a dragon! In three different colors, matching our existing assets.


This update comes with a new little barn.

Colonial Barn 001.png

I hope you guys enjoy this addition!. A little different from the others, but I hope it looks alright. :)
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As I mentioned last post, I was unhappy after seeing how the lineart of the new stall clashed with the older assets. As such, I redid most of the piece tonight to bring it more in line with the older pieces.

Colonial Stall 001 v1.png

I kept the original version included, but won't be able to offer color changes since I sorta kinda accidentally forgot to duplicate the color layers before fixing them for the new lineart.


Anyway, hope you guys like this new version!
Decided to make a little market place stall tonight. Something I've needed for my own maps for a while.

Realized people may want some smaller images. I'll work on making a better scaled version of this (scaled relative to how big each piece should be relative to one another). For now, we'll remain in "HD" mode ;p


Unfortunately, this came out a little closer to my current style than the older asset pieces looks. I'll try to normalize this in the future so the line work I use is starker like older pieces.

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