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This is a great addition to Wonderdraft. It makes keeping track of assets so much easier; I'm really looking forward to updates that address themes as well.
Just perfect to get rid of the unobservable clutter that is my asset folders
These are great. Exactly what I needed.
An excellent addition to Wonderdraft! I have an older computer and being able to toggle assets on and off significantly improves my workflow!
Great additions! Having the fire separate is clever.
Excellent and style consistent icons, great for use not only in atlas-like maps!
A must-have asset for those who want to create modern maps! Well made and loads of options!
This is an excellent supplement to an already amazing product!
First Wonderdraft, then Avoro! Your work has been awesome, with out the Avoro assets I would still be struggling putting simple themes together. Thank you.
Easily the best thing to happen to Wonderdraft that isn't Wonderdraft itself. Superb work.
"In the mountains cold"
Fun for adventurers to fall into!
Look great to add some flair to a map!
Really nice frames that scale perfectly! Definitely one to try out!
Great set of frames!
I'm super happy with this pack! The symbol selection is small at the moment but there's a huge range of freely available PNG planets on the net that can really expand this. Amazing work, Zalkenai!
The sample colour planets will also help with that. I'm going to include more in the next version!
Amazing quality. Must-have for anyone thinking of making any space maps at any point!
This set is incredibly helpful for anyone wanting to make a good looking war-map or a zoomed in version of a battlefield with all the gory details and goodness!

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