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What a great assortment of colourable assets!
These are awesome! I love the light effects that you can make with this pack.
Works well, exactly what I needed for my map.
Love this asset. I am creating maps for Humblewood and this tool is great.
Thanks! If there are any improvements you'd like, let me know.
This is going to make large forests so much easier!
Good stuff here. Thanks for adding! Doesn't super fit the default aesthetic, but still very usable. Nature assets are pretty much what I use the most, and there's a lot to pour over here.
Thanks for adding these assets! There's a lot of good stuff here. I was particularly excited to see more ruins assets.
Just having a decent sci-fi asset is exciting! Thank you!
Good stuff. I didn't even know I needed this! This was definitely a shortcoming of the default assets thus far, so thanks for filling a void.
Love the penciled style
Great addition to the FA assets. Thanks for the hard work!
Great addition! Simple, but well implemented. My only suggestion would be to make the icons in the Paths tool a little easier to read when you are selecting them. They are basically transparent (like the actual footprints are), and you have to rely on the hover title to tell which is which.
Thank you for the feedback! I looked into fixing this and I don't think it is currently possible to change the Paths tool preview without altering how the paths display on the map itself. For example, I tried adding a 1px semi-transparent white border to the prints. While it made them easier to see in the preview, it didn't look as clean on the map itself. I will monitor options as more Dungeondraft updates come out!
A great start on some good SciFi assets
These are great. Thanks, man! Are you planning to do any of the textures/tilesets?
I did the castle tile set, and I think I want to do the Crypts and the Catacombs tile set as well but I'm not sure of that. I keep going back and forth on them. If you have your heart set on getting them, let me know and that might push me over the edge. I'm not planning on doing any of the textures as someone mentioned on the Discord channel that they were working on them. I don't want to duplicate their efforts.

When I go back to work, almost all efforts to do these conversions will likely stop.
There's a lot of useful stuff to make stairs, cliffs, and steps with and a solid amount of different shadows. In addition, the object set is accompanied by a path tool that allows you to easily draw any kind of shape: it has no problem of textures glitching out when making a tight curve and works great with the 'fade in' and 'fade out' allowing to make terrains blend more easily with the path.
The only flaw I found out is an issue with tags and sets: both the 'Shadows & Overlays' tag and the homonymous set display as empty and the only way to be able to use any of the objects in the pack is to scroll down the 'All' tab and find them there.
Aside from this easy-to-repair bug, the pack is great and I recommend it to everyone.
wish I have not spent the entire day yesterday doing exactly the same assets as you did.... :/ Yours are better :)
I appreciate hearing that I did a good job! Thanks!
Great pack, fit exactly what I was looking for to make a cliff face encounter.
Amazing work.

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Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you've put in converting all the FA assets to Dungeoncraft :)(y)
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Can you add custom fonts to Wonderdraft?
Hap hap happpppppy new year!

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