1. ZeroGNexus

    Battlemap Airship Casino 2020-08-04

    I had to provide a download link because I can only upload 5 images at once. I'm sorry for the inconvenience Overview Upper Deck Main Deck Sub Deck 1 Sub Deck 2 Sub Deck 3 Scenic View
  2. Nexoness

    Dungeondraft Battlemap Ye old shed 1.0

    A simple house, not much to say about it.
  3. A

    Other Other Water Foam Paths by AoA 1.0

    These assets come in 3 different visual styles, each packaged separately. Style 1 has a hard outlined appearance Style 2 has a softer outlined look, but similar to Style 1 Style 3 is not outlined at all for those working in a more realistic style
  4. A

    Other Other Shadow Pattern 2

    This is a very basic one. Basic, but useful. Update: now more useful. Read update notes. It allows you to add a shadow using the pattern tool. This means you can create any shape you like. However unlike other shadow options it will always have a hard edge, so best used for objects with hard...
  5. I

    Drawn Thatched Rooves Lite 1.1

    No more shingles! Six eight thatched rooves from a collection I'm working on. CONTENTS: -1x1 roof piece / over window section etc -2x3 small barn roof -3x4 small cottage with chimney -4x6 corner cottage with chimney -8x4 longhouse / large cottage -4x4 round thatched hut With 1.1 update: -2x1...
  6. A

    Semi-realistic Clouds 2020-07-14

    A simple pack of vaguely sketchy and non-sketchy, semi-transparent and colourable cloud objects that can be used for clouds, fog, gas or whatever your creativity decides. There are 4 versions of each type. These are best used together with the scatter tool. The clouds are tagged as "Clouds"...
  7. Nexoness

    Top Down Drawn Chandelier Pack 1.0

    Chandelier Pack Lumiere not included The Chandelier Pack is a package of various different chandeliers that you can use in your map. The asset is packed with both images and a Dungeondraft-specific file so that you can use it however you like.
  8. Nexoness

    Top Down Fantasy Victoria 1.1

    Victoria Steampunk assets from the Victorian era! A lot of people have asked for Steampunk assets, I have spent weeks creating this package to enable you to create that Steampunk styled map for your story or D&D game. So get your stuff and don't forget your goggles, we're going on an...
  9. S

    Other Synecdoche Glyphs 2

    This pack provides basic, high-contrast letter, numeral and symbol assets. The assets aren't intended to be viewable by players; they are primarily intended to help a GM mark room numbers and other reminders on a map that will be used in a VTT and out of sight of players.
  10. dimi

    Fantasy Fantasy Jonathan Roberts Free Pack [Unoffical] 1

    These are assets not drawn by me, but released under Creative Commons share-alike, non-commercial, attribution license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ by Jonathan Roberts I modified them to work with DungeonDraft, and removed some duplicates. Please visit the artist's site...
  11. K

    Flat Top-down Simple Paths 1

    Simple coloured paths in varying thickness, small, medium, large and extra-large. Colours included: Black Blood Red Blue Bronze Brown Cyan Gold Green Magenta Purple Red Silver White Yellow
  12. E

    Other Polygonal Range Templates 1

    Colorable range templates for spells and spell-effects, for use as reference when planning your maps. 5-foot radius 10-foot radius 20-foot radius 15-foot cone 1 15-foot cone 2 30-foot cone 1 30-foot cone 2 30-foot line 1 30-foot line 2 30-foot line 3 30-foot line 4
  13. S

    Drawn Cartoony Synecdoche Pack Version 4

    My pack is ecletic because it is the things I needed for my own game, but easy enough to share with others. I try to stick as close to the default dungeondraft style as I can. The pack includes: * Marble tile floor (black and white) and terrain; cobblestone and wheat field terrain * Brick wall...
  14. Crave

    Other Other Crave's HUGE Light Pack 1.6d

    Enhance your maps with a growing collection of different kinds of lights: Spotlights Wall mounted Sets and clusters Window and door spills Radiant, streams, hazes and fires Portals, timecracks and magic circles Isometrics "Gobos": lights in shapes - skulls, glyphs, big X's, metagame objects...
  15. The Whills

    Drawn Drawn Star Wars Asset Pack I 1

    File Size: 54.5MB 429 Objects 16 Paths 4 Portals 11 Simple Tilesets Special thanks to @Zalkenai#1923 , @EightBitz#2196 , and other users on the Megasploot Discord for helping me troubleshoot technical issues during the process of creating my first asset pack (this one). Though a tough learning...
  16. Toblakai23

    Package Toblakai23's Banners 1.0

  17. Toblakai23

    Package Toblakai23's Candles & Lanterns 1.0

    I have made these colorable candles and lanterns. 2 Street lanterns 1 Wall mounted lantern 2 Lanterns 2 Candlestands 5 Wall mounted candles
  18. Germophile

    Cartoony Prehistoric Asset Pack 1.1

    Prehistoric assets for a caveman-themed campaign! Objects included: Animal hide Arrowhead (colorable) (3x) Stone axe Bedroll Bone flute Bone needle Boomerang (colorable) Clay pot (colorable) Clay pot Club Dino nest Dino print (simplified) (2x) Dino print (detailed) (2x) Egg (colorable) (3x)...
  19. Toblakai23

    Package T23's Not So Geometric Shapes 1.1

    It was pointed out to me by a helpful person on discord that the lines on my original shapes were too clean to mesh well with the original DD items. We talked a bit and then I remade all the items with squigly lines to better fit the original theme. Without better drawing tools it is hard to...
  20. S

    Other Other Luminosity 3.0

    Hi folks, This is my first contribution to anything community-related, but I'm excited to keep challenging myself over time. Luminosity is a lighting effects module pack for Dungeondraft. Here you'll find various lights, some more traditional than others by far, designed to help you really...

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