1. V

    Regisota 1.0

    This is a fantasy map i have been working on
  2. Z

    Fantasy Mountains 1

    After posting a map in r/wonderdraft, i was asked to upload the assets to this community. Now, these are the mountains used. All assets were created using an iPad and ProCreate. Enjoy!
  3. Z

    Fantasy Hills 1

    After posting a map in r/wonderdraft, i was asked to upload the assets to this community. Now, these are the hills used. All assets were created using an iPad and ProCreate. Enjoy!
  4. M

    Arrna Style Preset 1.0

    This is a style preset for the Continent of Arrna for the people who asked for it when the map was posted to the subreddit
  5. dimi

    Fantasy Fantasy Jonathan Roberts Free Pack [Unoffical] 1

    These are assets not drawn by me, but released under Creative Commons share-alike, non-commercial, attribution license: by Jonathan Roberts I modified them to work with DungeonDraft, and removed some duplicates. Please visit the artist's site...
  6. S

    Top Down Drawn Antediluvian Architecture 1.0

    This collection features 64 objects (31 colorable), 8 paths, 6 patterns (excl. rotational variants), 3 doors, and a new wall type. The style of these assets are based on Amaurot, from Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. This particular setting features a distinct art deco style mixed with unique...
  7. CaveGeekArt

    Fantasy Treasure Island - Complete Map Pack 2020-06-17

    Treasure Island - Steaming jungles, steep mountains, ancient temples, wild native villages, and so much more! Who knows what treasure awaits you on this tropical island "paradise"? Your DM does, hopefully. It'll be a long, dangerous journey to get there, but you'll be doing it in style with a...
  8. Crave

    Fantasy Crave's Fantasy Maps 0.9

    Some fantasy maps from famous literary works! These were sampled from authors' maps, turned into alpha maps and then imported into Wonderdraft as depth maps. Lots of editing especially on the rivers. Basic and no labels yet. 1. Middle Earth 2. Arda and Numenor 3. Narnia 4. The Discworld
  9. S

    Drawn Cartoony Synecdoche Pack Version 4

    My pack is ecletic because it is the things I needed for my own game, but easy enough to share with others. I try to stick as close to the default dungeondraft style as I can. The pack includes: * Marble tile floor (black and white) and terrain; cobblestone and wheat field terrain * Brick wall...
  10. moomabelle

    Flat Moomabelle's Markers 1.1

    I made some simple markers for my own maps and thought I'd share them here! The icons are 200px by 200px, and are compatible with Wonderdraft's custom colors. I may update this in the future if y'all have any ideas.
  11. Kelatomalacia

    Fantasy No Game No Life 1.3

  12. Kelatomalacia

    Fantasy Calidar 1.3

  13. T


    death like language
  14. K

    Useful Map for AMG 2020-02-01

    Cool randomly generated map, which can be used by any of you in creation of wonderful worlds of politics in literally any setting from antiquity to diesel- and cyberpunk. i cant attach even a screenshot 'cause CA says its too large=(
  15. Dopu

    Dopu's Fantasy Namebase Collection 1.5

    A set of 40 namebases I've assembled, inspired by various fantasy works including dungeons and dragons. Namebase Descriptions: Fantasy-Arthurian - Inspired by arthurian legends Fantasy-Common - Aims to combine english words into names. Fantasy-Dark - Aims to Combine gloomy words and sounds into...
  16. M

    Cartoony 2-Min Tabletop - Grey Town & City Tokens 1.0

    These are recoloured versions of the 2 Minute Tabletop Town & City tokens. They have grey roofs instead of red / blue ones in order to give a more neutral look. There are a total of 51 icons here, including tents recoloured to grey instead of beige. I do not have the ability or inclination to...
  17. Zalkenai

    Drawn The World Tree 1.0

  18. R

    Cartoony Symbol Set - Dark Fantasy (Maps and More) 1.0

    The Dark Fantasy symbol set includes more than 500 dark and evil-themed symbols, from sinister forests and foreboding mountain ranges to orcish villages, demon towers and alien insectoid cities. This version is in vector format, for use in Campaign Cartographer.
  19. Nexoness

    Fantasy Realistic Avoro: Magical Forest 1.0

    Avoro: Magical Forest Why are the threes shining, and what is that fairy doing here? Avoro: Magical Forest is an easy-to-use standalone theme in the Avoro theme series. This theme is specifically made to make your forests magical and give them a fantasy like glow! Are you using Avoro...

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Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you've put in converting all the FA assets to Dungeoncraft :)(y)
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