1. Nexoness

    Other Symbols of War: Napoleonic Wars 0.1

    Theme currently in alpha, update expected in the coming week. Place Symbols of War - Napoleonic Wars.wonderdraft_theme in Wonderdraft/themes/ As suggested by Barbarossa
  2. Nexoness

    Drawn Symbols of War: Battlemap 1.0

    Symbols of War Battlemap Symbols of War: Battlemap is a custom theme for Wonderdraft that enables you to create both simple and stunning looking battle maps in combination with other assets in the series. Make use of the label presets, custom colour palette and theme settings to make your...
  3. Nexoness

    Realistic Avoro: Land of Pharaohs 1.0

    Avoro: Land of Pharaohs Rule like a Pharaoh! Avoro: Land of Pharaohs is a theme in the Avoro series that brings you back in time to the Land of Pharaohs! Rule like one yourself and create amazing looking maps using the custom ground colour palette, label presets and preset settings...
  4. Nexoness

    Other Pastel PRO 2.0

    Pastel PRO A default Wonderdraft theme remastered. Pastel is a well-known default theme for Wonderdraft. Pastel PRO takes the default theme to the next level by giving it a well-needed upgrade. Instead of 4 colours, there are now 36 colours in the Ground Colour Palette and 5 new label presets...
  5. Nexoness

    Realistic Avoro: Wetlands 1.0

    Avoro: Wetlands Its a dark and muddy forest. Avoro: Wetlands is an easy-to-use standalone theme in the Avoro theme series. This theme is specifically made to create swamps and wetlands. If you want to create your coast using the lake tool take a look at the video below and turn the Coast FX to...
  6. Nexoness

    Realistic Avoro: Mystical Lights 1.0

    Avoro: Mystical Light We don't know where the light is coming from, but its mystical… Avoro: Mystical Light is an easy-to-use standalone theme in the Avoro theme series. This theme is a darker version of the Avoro theme with added glowing colours and labels. Are you using Avoro: Mystical...
  7. Nexoness

    Realistic Avoro: Magical Forest 1.0

    Avoro: Magical Forest Why are the threes shining, and what is that fairy doing here? Avoro: Magical Forest is an easy-to-use standalone theme in the Avoro theme series. This theme is specifically made to make your forests magical and give them a fantasy like glow! Are you using Avoro...
  8. P

    Realistic Pumpkin Theme v5

    After months of tweaking and adding colors, here is the theme I use for all my maps. With a huge color palette to suite everything from a purple swamp to grey mountains, this theme has a color for you. A very eye-catching sea color and a simple but good looking coastline setting. Great for...
  9. Nexoness

    Semi-realistic Avoro: Underdark 2.0

    Avoro: Underdark Explore the caves below your world! Avoro: Underdark is a theme in the Avoro series that opens a whole new world to you! Create the caves below your world using the included colours, label presets and textures to create a cool environment. Feel free to leave a rating below...
  10. Nexoness

    Development Avoro: A family of assets and themes!

    Avoro is a family of assets and themes for Wonderdraft. Avoro assets all have the same style and fit nicely together, together with the theme series they make for a great addition for your map. Uniformity is important when creating a good looking map, that's why the Avoro assets are designed...
  11. Nexoness

    Wonderdraft How to make Wonderdraft Themes?

    How to make Wonderdraft Themes? Themes are very useful in Wonderdraft, they can transform a map completely. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make one yourself. Getting started To get started startup Wonderdraft and create a new map. It is recommended to use the black and white theme to...
  12. Nexoness

    Realistic Avoro 4.2

    Avoro for Wonderdraft A colourful theme for Wonderdraft. Avoro is a colourful theme for Wonderdraft. The theme is created to be used by both experts and newcomers of Wonderdraft and can be used for all kinds of maps. The base theme of Avoro includes loads of ground colours and label pre-sets...

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Mystilik_Mew wrote on Nexoness's profile.
Sorry for bothering you, but I'm having trouble trying to use one of your themes for Wonderdraft.
I've got the zip file in my folders, and I tried unzipping and just putting that in their alone. I'm using Mac btw, hope you can help? Thanks

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