I must be needy, Mountains!


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I have done some long searches and I am not quite finding what I'm looking for...

I am seeking mountain icons (preferably in the pencil style included w/Wonderdraft) that represent the following:
  • Impassable Mountains (dense, tall, etc)
  • Obsidian Mountains (Impassable, sharp, broken, glass-like)
  • Jagged Mountains (Impassable, steep, rough)
  • Possibly giant crystal formations (Impassable)
I know... I know... Only my second post, and same as the first, requesting assets. Please forgive this map making enthusi

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Hap hap happpppppy new year!
yudi wrote on Nexoness's profile.
Hi there, Loving your WonderDraft assets. I am currently trying to use your Avoro - Political Atlas asset but everytime i try to use it, it gives me a warning of Avoro - Topographic ground texture does not exist.

I tried to find this on the website but I am unable to find it. Could you please direct me on how i can resolve this warning?

Many thanks.
Updating my Japanese town assets!
lothlann wrote on Mythkeeper Team's profile.
Hi, I am having some trouble with Mythkeeper lately, may I ask for some support? I am not sure how best to contact you! Thank you!
Working on top down city blocks...

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