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Mythkeeper Team

Asset Manager
Mythkeeper Team
Mythkeeper - the asset manager to help you manage your assets!
Mythkeeper is the official asset manager created by our amazing community members.
Mythkeeper is currently in Early Acces and supports Wonderdraft. For a detailed overview of upcoming features and support for other programs and operating systems, take a look at our roadmap.

Mythkeeper is a multi-platform app (currently supports only Windows, more coming in the future) that can do the following:
  • Install at least half-decently packed assets from packed by the asset authors. Just load that ZIP and let the app do the rest for you!
  • Backup your assets so you turn on/off what will show in Wonderdraft without actually deleting anything.
  • Delete your assets/backups - so you can actually get rid of stuff! Don't worry, the files aren't really gone.
  • Restore your deleted assets via the re-install process in case you change your mind!
  • Support for custom config file if the author packs it along: This means displaying teaser images, galleries, licenses and detailed info about your assets.
  • Showing how much space your assets actually take on your computer so you can keep a track!
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